Welcome to the 2018 P5 Performance™ Thrive-in-Five Process

Thrive-in-Five Wellness Inventory!

To help you quantify and better make sense of your organization’s performance, we’ve designed this evidence-based, 99-item assessment. Predicated on the very best science, these questions will assist you in your quest to take your organization’s culture and performance to the next level.

How The Assessment Works

Specifically, this assessment will take you 25-30 minutes to complete. Comprehensive in nature, this assessment will capture essential information regarding how your organization is currently doing, along with the five key elements to a healthier, higher-performing organization: Purpose, People, Places, Practices, and Performance. 

It’s important to understand that once you begin the assessment, you must complete it during the same session—you will NOT be allowed to save your answers and return at a later time. In addition, once a question is answered, you will NOT be able to go back and change your response. If you aren’t completely sure about a response, we recommend you use your best estimate.

Accessing Your Results

When you’ve completed all of the assessment questions, you’ll gain immediate access to your organization's scores. Armed with this information, you’ll not only be able to compare your results to regional and national averages, but you’ll also be able to compare your scores against those high-performing organizations who comprise the top 20%.

To further help you interpret your scores, we’ll also email you a comprehensive report filled with useful information that will, again, help you take your organization's well-being efforts to the next level.

About P5 Performance™

This Thrive in Five Wellness Inventory assessment was developed by P5 Performance™.

P5 Performance™ is an innovative workplace wellness initiative, developed for employers by employers and guided by DMF, with the goal to help build the healthiest, highest-performing organizations in America. With DMF, P5 Performance™ has developed a long-term, data-driven approach focused on five elements of organizational success - Purpose, People, Places, Practices, and Performance - to provide innovative solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. 

To learn more about P5 Performance™ visit p5performance.org.